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Dearest Beloved

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Rest In Peace Felicia Garcia, Amanda Todd, and everyone that has committed suicide. You were all beautiful, all handsome. You NEVER deserved what people had done to you. You all were amazing, I’m so so sorry. Please if ANYONE is suicidal PLEASE message me. Talk to me, please don’t die tonight; not now not ever. You ALL are good enough. You ALL are such amazing people. Please stay strong. We can fight this. Take my hand, speak out, don’t take your life. NEVER take your life. Life will get better. Life may be hard but you CAN pull through, YOU can survive this. Believe in yourself. Please message me or ANYONE. You are beautiful, handsome. Stay strong. I love you, Sincerely, someone who loves you and will never leave your side. I love you

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    So well said, there are people like us out here for anyone who feels alone, don’t let those demons get to you, we are...
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